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Concussions in Hockey May Cause Brain Damage

A lot of hockey players accept that their sports includes a few blows to the head. Pros are famous for refusing to wear mouth guards. Now a new study suggests what this punishment may be doing to players’ brains.

This study focused on children, but if you’re a grown-up hockey player, it seems likely some of the same conclusions could apply. Continue reading Concussions in Hockey May Cause Brain Damage

Do Sports Injury Genes Determine Your Fitness?

Sports injury genes could change your future.

Imagine this scenario. You try to register for your hockey team as you do every year. But the league has a new policy: All players must report to a health center to get their mouths swabbed. A couple of days later, you get a call. “You’re positive for ApoE4. We’re sorry, but because of liability rules, you can’t play in this league. In fact, you shouldn’t play hockey anywhere.” Continue reading Do Sports Injury Genes Determine Your Fitness?

Recognize Concussion Symptoms

Concussion symptoms
Concussion symptoms. Photo by Rugby Streaming. Some rights reserved.

Recognizing concussion symptoms may save your life.

For generations, athletes took blows to the head and kept right on playing. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the game. Coaches, teammates and fans may depend on you. But getting hit again and again can permanently damage your brain. It can even kill you. Continue reading Recognize Concussion Symptoms