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The Motus: Versatility in a Minimal Shoe

by Laird Harrison

Vivobarefoot has a clever marketing scheme: sell shoes by telling people to go barefoot.

Of course if you really want to feel the trail on the skin of your sole, you don’t need to buy anything.

But I personally only know two people who have overcome their fear of broken glass, thorns and gravel. I want the biomechanical advantages of running barefoot while staying safe from laceration.

That’s why I was happy to try out a pair of the British minimal shoe makers’ new Motus model, released last month and selling for $150. Continue reading The Motus: Versatility in a Minimal Shoe

The Ithlete HRV Monitor Helps Serious Athletes

If you don’t train hard enough, you won’t fulfill your potential as an athlete. But if you train too hard, you’ll hurt yourself. So how do you find the sweet spot in between?

That’s where Ithlete comes in. This smart phone app monitors your heart rate variability to give you clues about when you’ve gone too far. For the serious athlete, that’s an invaluable service. Continue reading The Ithlete HRV Monitor Helps Serious Athletes

LaceLocker Keeps Your Shoes Tied

When I was a kid, my parents had one argument for why I should keep my shoes tied: If I didn’t, I would trip and hurt myself. In the five decades since getting that warning, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone trip on an untied shoe lace.

But I’ve come close to crashing my bike when my laces got caught in the chain. And just last year, my son’s team lost a soccer game when a defender paused to tie his shoe, allowing an attacker to slip past him and score. I’ve also seen players lose their cleats in the middle of a match. Continue reading LaceLocker Keeps Your Shoes Tied