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The Truth About Artificial Turf Injuries

The winter sun was shining. A morning of soccer beckoned. But the guys were butting heads.

“This grass is full of gopher holes. Why can’t we play on the turf?”

“Grass is so much better for my knees.”

The debate about artificial turf injuries crops up again and again. And not just in my weekend pickup soccer gang. Last week, a long list of top players reluctantly knuckled under to FIFA’s demand that they play the Women’s World Cup entirely on artificial turf. Continue reading The Truth About Artificial Turf Injuries

English Rugby Tightens Concussion Rules

Professional English rugby players will get concussion tests on the sidelines if they show signs of a head injury, under a new policy Premiership Rugby reports.

A joint venture between Premiership Rugby, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the Rugby Players Association (RPA) has produced a new set of processes designed to optimise the treatment of concussion…

The Head Injury Assessment (HIA) process, formerly the Pitchside Suspected Concussion Assessment, will be used in all Aviva Premiership Rugby, LV= Cup and European matches this season, with cases of confirmed or suspected concussion resulting in the affected player being removed from the pitch.

Continue reading English Rugby Tightens Concussion Rules