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Activity Monitors Inaccurate for Weightlifting

If you’re trying to lose weight, an activity monitor can help by telling you how many calories you’re burning.

Some are more accurate than others, but in general the monitors work pretty well for walking and running.

If you want to compare activities on the other hand — say weight lifting versus running — you may be out of luck. Continue reading Activity Monitors Inaccurate for Weightlifting

Exercise or Diet: Which Works Better?

I spent last week canoeing. We puffed and sweated, paddling across lakes, then carrying our gear and canoes to other lakes, then paddling across those lakes.

“Days like this I feel like I can eat as much as I want,” said one of my friends.

That may be true – provided he doesn’t want to lose weight. Among the items we were hauling from one lake to another was a jumbo-sized bag of M&M’s. Continue reading Exercise or Diet: Which Works Better?

Losing Weight: ACSM Experts Explain What Works

It’s TV. No, it’s cars. It’s fat. No, it’s sugar.

Last night in San Diego, the opening speakers at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting showed just how tense the debate about obesity has become.

Keynoter James O. Hill, from the University of Colorado, called out TIME magazine and journalist Gary Taubes who separately have reported that a lack of physical activity has nothing to do with the world’s expanding waist line. Continue reading Losing Weight: ACSM Experts Explain What Works

4 Ways the Pros Stay Fit During the Holidays

How fitness pros stay fit during the holidays
Nicole Crane celebrated Thanksgiving last year with beach yoga. All rights reserved.

Trying to stay fit during the holidays can feel like running an obstacle course. You neatly sidestep Aunt Jane’s artichoke dip, only to face Cousin Joe’s “special” eggnog. You summon the will power not to eat brie, then find yourself seated at a plate full of mashed potatoes and gravy. You’re away from your gym, your running buddies, your Saturday morning pickup basketball game.

Continue reading 4 Ways the Pros Stay Fit During the Holidays

I Weigh Myself Too Much

By Laird Harrison

I weigh myself too much. The scale sits there in the bathroom, and I stand on it when I get up in the morning. After I work out. Before going to bed. Just because I noticed it when I was passing by.

I know this constant monitoring does me no good. Bathroom scales aren’t all that accurate. Any significant change over the course of a day probably results from a loss or gain in water rather than fat. And new research shows that we should focus on our waistlines more.

Continue reading I Weigh Myself Too Much

Watch Your Waist

By Laird Harrison, CPT and Will Workman, MD

Which is worse: Thunder thighs, chicken wings, a bubble butt or a beer belly? If you guessed “beer belly” you’re on top of the latest research.

A study published this month by researchers at Harvard and the University of Michigan has highlighted the risk of too much visceral fat. Visceral fat pads your internal organs where you can’t see it. Subcutaneous fat hangs around just under your skin. It’s the jiggly stuff that you can grab between a forefinger and thumb. Continue reading Watch Your Waist