Fitkicks Make Great Treadmill Shoes

Ever since I got a treadmill desk, I’ve been looking for the ideal shoe to go along with it. With the new Fitkicks, I’ve come very close.

Most shoes are too heavy for my taste. They make my feet feel cramped and hot. Walking barefoot on the treadmill abraded my soles.  And I use my minimal running shoes for minimal running, which means they get maximal mud, which I don’t want on my treadmill.

Fitkicks proved comfortable for the treadmill. They resemble a tai chi slipper in their light weight and flexibility, but with a dash of style. My feet never heated up in them. I like their sleek, modest look and took to wearing them around the house, even when we had dinner guests. The women’s models come in floral prints and gay colors, the men’s in black or blue.

They’re not perfect for everything. I tried a trail run in them once and found that they slid around a bit on my feet. There’s no way to cinch them tighter. They aren’t ideal for gym workouts either because the sole doesn’t have much traction on a hardwood floor.

They’re not designed for the seven months of heavy use I put them through — 10 miles a week of treadmill walking. First, stitching ripped in the right toe. And now the insole has come loose in the same shoe, so it slides out of position.

Still they sell for only $21.99 a pair, so I didn’t expect a them to last a lifetime. I’d recommend Fitkicks to anyone who wants a light treadmill shoe and stylish household slipper.

Photo: Fitkicks photo courtesy of Fitkicks
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