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Life Lessons from an Orthopedic Surgeon

One day in Snowbird, Utah, a snowboarder hurled out of control into one of the world’s most prominent sports medicine doctors.

Burt Mandelbaum
Bert Mandelbaum

Bert Mandelbaum,  a Santa Monica, California orthopedic surgeon, has treated famous athletes, such as David Beckham.

And he has helped create some of the most successful injury prevention programs, including FIFA11+, the program promoted by soccer’s governing body.

But on that day he was on a ski trip with his family, no doubt a much needed break from the challenges of battered flesh that dominated his work-a-day world.

Then in a flash, as he writes in his new book, The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit (Greenleaf Book Group Press), the doctor became the patient. Continue reading Life Lessons from an Orthopedic Surgeon